Chinmaya Exton








Humble Beginnings

The year 1996 marked the beginning of Exton Bala Vihar. With inspiration from Mrs. Sharada Kumar, Mrs. Vasanthi & Mr. Nagaraj Narayanan along with Mr. Ramesh Choksi approached Swami Siddhananda and proposed a new Bala Vihar in Exton, PA. Swamiji, with no hesitation, blessed the idea and willingly agreed to drive 60 miles every other Sunday to guide the children at the new center.

In early years, small but strong group of like-minded families, congregated at a family residence. Children learned bhajans, moral stories, culture and traditions of India. As more families joined, Bala Vihar was moved to the Hindu Temple (currently Yoga Center at Downingtown, PA). Exton Bala Vihar celebrated its 1st Anniversary at this location.


















Still ways to go…


The new millennium brought a new venue for Exton Bala Vihar at King of Prussia, PA. For next 12 years Bala Vihar was conducted there. As more families joined Exton Bala Vihar, children were grouped by age with appropriate curriculum. The parents were not left out either; Swamiji started Adult Study Group, which discussed classic Chinmaya mission readings.


Children were encouraged to learn Bhagavad Gita and Swamiji would teach a chapter to all Bala Vihar attendees. Since then, Exton Bala Vihar is proud to have many participants and winners in Chinmay Mission's Yearly Gita Chanting competition.


Every year, Exton Bala Vihar organizes Ramanavami celebrations at Madhuvan. A day full of cultural activities, puja and attendees enjoy a sumptuous 10 course home cooked food. Some years, Sita Rama Kalyanam is being performed with all the families representing either the bride or the groom side.


In 2012, Exton Bala Vihar moved to Stetson Middle School at West Chester, PA to accommodate the growing enrollments and language and yoga classes were added to cater to the increasing number of families.


In 2016, Exton Bala Vihar moved to Great Valley Middle School at Malvern, PA and currently there are around 70 families with more than 80 children participating in Exton Bala Vihar.





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